The Algorithms Reading Group is a group of graduate students and faculty members who meet weekly to discuss topics related to algorithms and algorithm theory. The topics covered are fairly broad, and assume a general CS background. Our first talk of the semester is Tuesday, Jan. 12 in LH101 from 5 p.m. to ~6 p.m., and it will be given by Professor Paul Purdom, who will be covering Singular Value Decomposition and Missing Values. We'd like to invite anyone interested to stop by and join us!

For some more information on this talk, and the group, check out our page:

Other talks over the course of the semester will include:

Feb. 2: Basic Computational Geometry - Christine Task Mar. 2: Particle Filtering - Jeff Johnson Mar. 9: Probabilistic Roadmap Motion Planning - Prof. Kris Hauser
TBA: Implicit Complexity - Prof. Daniel Leivant

Hope to see you there,
-Jeff Johnson (